The Bible is true and is literally God’s Word.
Every person (aside from Christ) is sinful from birth.
Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died on the cross as the sacrificial substitute to pay the penalty for sin.
Only through faith in Jesus Christ (His death on the cross and resurrection), can we be in relationship
with God and experience true life and joy.



1954 – South Seneca Assembly of God is officially formed with Rev. John and Clova DeVasher as pastors (1954-1963).

1963 – Rev. Jonathan and Arlene Hollis (1963-1965) became pastors. God continued to bless the church with growth.

1965 – Rev. James and Joyce Bridges (1965-1967) became pastors. The consistent church growth necessitated the building of a new educational wing.

1967 – The Hollis’ returned to Seneca (1967 – present) and God’s favor upon the church continued. In 1979, the church was relocated to its present location and renamed Colonial Heights Assembly of God.

2004 – Colonial Heights Assembly celebrated its 50th anniversary. Colonial Heights now has more than 60 of its family in ministry around the world as pastors, missionaries and evangelists!
To God Be The Glory!

2017 – Rev. Jonathan Hollis resigned as lead pastor.
Rev. Mark Combs voted in as lead pastor.